Game Pack


A single game pack of 24 blank game cards, 6 mini colouring pens and games instructions in one tidy box.

Everything you need to start playing Facing Feelings.

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Discount per pack 51 - 100 £1.25
Discount per pack 101 - 200 £1.50


These child-led games encourage participants to explore their emotions, in a fun and creative way as they grow and develop. First using the pens enclosed, players draw their own set of cards. Then the guide inside offers 6 ways to use the uniquely designed cards to explore feelings through games, play, improvisation and conversation.

All activities can be adapted to use individually or in a group. Emotional expression is key to a healthy lifeā€¦

Facing Feelings helps to let feelings out, whilst having fun!

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Dimensions 12.5 × 7.5 × 2 cm