Emotional expression is the key to a healthy life

Facing Feelings uses drawing, games, improvisation and conversation to help ‘draw’ out feelings whilst having fun.

Emotional development is key to social wellbeing and academic success.

Parents, teachers, therapists and many more, can support this through the child-led activities within Facing Feelings.

Facing Feelings encourages participants to explore their emotions, in a fun and creative way, as they grow and develop. First using the pens enclosed, players draw their own set of cards. Using these drawings as a starting point, the guide in each pack offers 6 ways to play with the uniquely designed cards to explore feelings through games, improvisation and conversation.

All activities can be adapted to use individually or in a group. As with all games, a range of feelings may emerge e.g. frustration, joy etc. These can be discussed while playing the games, which helps participants to pay attention to one another’s emotional world. This aims to encourage that all feelings are equally important – however difficult.

How to play

Play Games

After creating the cards, each pack contains detailed instructions for 6 different activities, which can be revisited again and again.

Creating the pack

Follow these steps to create your pack of cards:

  1. The child player chooses an emotion to draw on a card, such as happy, worried or bored. The adult player can help with questions, such as; ‘How did you feel in school today? What might that feeling look like?’
  2. The emotion is then written at the top of two playing cards, the child chooses pens and draws their image to represent that emotion.
  3. Alongside the child, the adult begins to copy this drawing as accurately as possible on the other card, using the same colour pens.
  4. Once both cards are complete, you have a matching pair. Then repeat Step 1.

Playing the games

When the pack has been created (however big or small) it can be used to play different games, such as snap or pairs. Further ideas in the pack include;

  • Pass the feeling
  • Body Sculptures
  • Mood in the room
  • Story creations
  • Conversation – discussing feelings
  • Drama – embodying the feelings

If a child feels they have made a mistake whilst creating their cards, these become ‘Wild Cards’, which add a further, fun complexity to the games.

Other ideas may develop as you create and play with them. Please feel free to share these at

What’s in the pack?

This game is compact, making it great as a peripatetic work resource, or to take on family holidays, with hours of creativity and fun for all.

  • 24 x Blank game cards
  • 6 x Mini colouring pens
  • Games instructions
  • Card size: 120mm x 70mm

Packaging, cards and pens are all manufactured and sourced within the UK to minimise the carbon footprint of each pack.

Our pens are sourced from a manufacturer that satisfies all the provisions of The Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011.

Kind Words

Feedback from therapists and families who recommend Facing Feelings for work and play with children and young people.

Designed with experience and expertise, Facing Feelings is a creative way to encourage children and young people to express and process their feelings. Our team at Grief Encounter have widely adopted this in their toolkits.

Dr Shelley Gilbert MBEFounder & President Grief Encounter, MBACP

A brilliant creative game that is a great way for children to express their voices and learn about their emotional world. A fantastic tool that develops emotional vocabulary and interpersonal skills through image making and role play.

Dr Emma RamsdenDramatherapist and clinical research lead

I thought my granddaughter would draw negative emotions related to the recent bereavement of her mum, but they weren't. As we drew, we spoke about how each feeling related to her mum, some of which I wouldn't of known. The cards made everything very personal. Through playing this with their little sister hopefully her older siblings will talk more openly. Great idea and brilliant opener for talking.

Sue ParkerGrandparent

I think it’s an absolutely amazing product, there are so many possibilities with the cards – the possibilities are endless!

Grace LinsteadTrainee Dramatherapist

I think the cards are good because they will help me with my emotions. It’s fun to play and it’s enjoyable to make.

Taliyah Age 8

Going through my child’s folder, we always find it amazing all the work he did in dramatherapy – we still use the Facing Feelings cards...

Jacky Parent

A nice game, that keeps you happy and not 'jeleus'... and spelling does not matter!

Sky BAge 9

Facing Feelings is very useful with children as there is so much to do with the cards – not just one game!

Claire PollardIntegrative therapist

I really appreciate the versatility of the games, as well as the flexibility it provides to create and adapt accordingly. Great product!

Nicole WardellTrainee Dramatherapist

Game Packs

Packs of Facing Feelings can be bought in different quantities to suit your needs. Some suggestions below…

Game Pack

A single pack to get creative and share the fun of playing with Facing Feelings.

Family Pack

For families to sit together, get creative and share. You can decide if siblings may like their own packs, or enjoy sharing a pack with one another.

Therapist Pack

For working with clients over several sessions, inviting many opportunities for attunement. Activities can be played and revisited throughout the therapeutic process, culminating in the client taking their pack home, to encourage their creation is utilised as a playful communication tool at home.

Circle Time Pack

For groups of children, when working on themes of emotional literacy and wellbeing in school. Cards can be kept within classrooms, for children to access when needing playful support to articulate their feelings.

Organisation Pack

Bulk packs for wider reach within a therapeutic or educational organisation. Due to the versatility of Facing Feelings, it is a great resource for any adult wanting to support children with their emotional self-expression. Themes may include bereavement, separation, transition, change and support for children with special educational or speech and language needs. This resource may be a useful investment for children receiving Pupil Premium funding.

Wholesale & Bulk Orders

If you’re interested in selling, distributing or bulk ordering our game packs, please contact us.